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Privacy Policy

Final Keys Privacy Policy (Updated March 2016)

We’re here to respect and protect identity and privacy of our visitors.

The personal information and geographical data of you that we collected or you give to us, will be processed. We will please to inform our visitors to kindly read all of below terms and regulations. Below, we will tell you that how we collect your personal information and how we processed it all. After visiting our site (, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions that we mentioned in this privacy policy page.

Which information and data we collect about you:

The are two types of information that we processed.

You provide information to us: This type of information is given by user with commenting under different posts, contacting us via email, joining our social media or subscribe to our newsletters. The personal information that you give us may includes Full Name, Email, Location, link to user profiles and Website(s).

We gather information about you: In this type, we automatically collect some type of personal information that is divided into 2 subcategories:

  • Technical information: IP (internet protocol) address, web browser (name, version and engine), operating system (name and version), screen resolution and device type used to access our site.
  • Information by visit: Geographical location (country with city name), network service provider (ISP), date and time of visit, time on site, pageviews, page clicks, search engine, searched queries and referrer.

We gather information from 3rd parties: Please note we’re working and contracting with popular third party services. These 3rd party services may includes advertising networks and analytics services. We may collect information from these network sources about you.

Please notice that we DO NOT collect your name, email and address information from our joint 3rd party networks.

Disclosure of Privacy:

We’re here to protect your privacy, identity and personal information. The information we collect personally and the information you give to use, both will be secret and do not use for personal use. The information is only used to improve our site performance, progress as well as made it user friendly. Remember that our affiliate networks or third parties will be store your personal information excluding name, email and address. We should try our best to give maximum protection to your cookies and privacy information.

Our Responsibility:

As above we mentioned that we do not use cookies and privacy information personally but our third party affiliate networks and analytic services will proceed it. Following any link from these networks will surely mean that those website (company’s) have their own privacy policy. Please note we are not responsible nor take liabilities for affiliate network policies. Please double check their policies before submitting information or use their products.

Changes in our privacy policy

We will make any necessary changes to our privacy policy in future time. We will mention month name in which the policy was updated at the top of this page. So in future, we will update date (month and year) when appropriate changes will be taken place. Please keep in touch with our privacy policy to see necessary updates and changes.


We will welcome and appreciate any suggestions, complaints, comments and questions regarding to privacy policy. You can contact us on [email protected] for more details.